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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are Wanda and Claus. The life meet us in the beginning of the Pandemi in Buenos Aires, Argentina in march 2020 .We find our destiny together on the top of the hills in SydFyn, Denmark from now and on, on a beautiful and wonderful world of fairy tale.

Holmbækhus is our home and a dreaming place to share with you. 


Our Story

We are 2 Arquitects of our life. Claus is Naval Arquitect and Wanda studied Arquitecture in Argentina for 7 years, but finally get her university degrees as Tango Dancer and Life Coach.

The design, traveling, horses and tango are our passions.

Holmbaekhus is the historical place of Claus's family and now with Wanda a place open to share with different people and cultures. The nature context bring a feeling of peace and calm unique, mixed with an old history and a new way of living. Deep in the hills with a black sky and a clear view of the stars.

Meet The Team

TangoAr Collaboration 

TangoAr is Tango Argentino. From Buenos Aires to Denmark, in one way you can travel to the deepness in culture and dance trough Tango. Lessons, events and retreats in Holmbækhus for everyone. Welcome to Argentine Tango.

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